Supported Living

Within supported living people live in their own homes in the community so that they can be enabled to be as independent as possible. Our focus is always about people receiving the right support from the right people who are properly trained to support them, so that they have opportunities of their choice within their home and community.

The people we support are involved in the recruitment of staff so that their experience of receiving support is taken into account in our values-based recruitment process. People are supported to take positive risks that enhance their lives and each care package supports the wellbeing of the individual. All areas of service delivery sit within a robust quality framework within the organisation.

Live where you want

Live with who you want

Lead the life you want

Amanda B was always a social person who enjoyed trips out but had been battling with Agoraphobia and hadn’t left her home since Nov 2015.

A supported living tenant enjoying the outdoors with their support worker

Supported Independence

We provide person-centred support that focuses on outcomes for individuals and promotes independence and positive risk-taking. We work to co-produce plans with people we support and involve them, and people they choose, in the process.
Review is a dynamic and individualised process which reflects changes in needs, progress to goals and support for positive outcomes.