Eden Futures Care Award Winners 2023

Eden Futures Care Award Winners 2023

We have incredible talent and dedication within Eden, which we can see in the 300+ nominations for our Care Awards. Selecting the winners was a difficult task, thanks to the impressive contributions of everyone.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – here are our Award Winners!

Outstanding Leader Award Winner – Alma Ferhatovic

Outstanding Leader Award Winner 2023, Alma Ferhatovic (Specialist Team Manager, Derby) was presented with her Award at the Wilkins Drive Recognition Day on 16th November.

Why Alma is our Winner:

“Alma has been an absolute asset to Eden Futures since she started in December 2020. Alma had all the challenges of setting up a new service, including recruiting and supporting a new staff team, establishing the systems and processes, supporting new service users etc. From early on, Alma also helped support the specialist service next door, especially when there was a period without a Team Manager.

Alma embodies all of Eden Futures’ values in the way that she manages her team. I regularly speak to staff at the service and all of them speak highly of Alma and tell me how well supported they feel. Alma will always go out of her way to help the staff and service users at Wilkins Drive and is always available to her staff- no matter how many times her manager asks her to give herself some rest!

Alma is now managing both the core service and specialist service at Wilkins Drive. I always receive glowing feedback from the Quality team and senior Operations team (Guy and Clare) whenever they visit. They have told me how relaxed they feel when visiting the service, and can tell that everything is in hand from when they first walk in.” – Liam Smith (Area Manager)

Unsung Hero Award Winner – Hayley Morgan

Unsung Hero Award Winner, Hayley Morgan (Commissioning Relationship Manager, Service Development) was presented with her Award at the Head Office Recognition Day on 16th November. An ‘Unsung Hero’ is someone who does something that makes a big impact and is a bit more ‘behind the scenes’. This Award category is a chance to put them in the spotlight!

Why Hayley is our Winner:

“I would like to nominate Hayley as my Unsung Hero! Since starting with Eden Futures, her commitment to supporting my managers and myself, is second to none. She has taken her time to visit the majority of my services to gain an understanding of the individuals we support. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her, she is proactive, responsive, and always completes things to an extremely high standard. Hayley knows what you want or need before you even get the chance to ask for her support and is there offering her service. Over the last month, I don’t know what I would have done without her support; she has gone above and beyond, completing a risk identifier, supporting a Team Manager to complete an assessment for me, supporting managers with visits for people interested to move to our service… During one of her visits, the manager was unable to be present and the Housing Officer came to complete a fire risk assessment – Hayley did not bat an eye and jumped straight in, helping and supporting them to find the documents required with the staff team. This helped build a positive relationship with the Housing Officer and shortly after, we received the good news from the Housing Officer that they are happy for someone to move in. I strongly believe this quick turnaround is down to Hayley and her can-do attitude. I speak on behalf of all my team in the East region, that Hayley is our Unsung Hero.” – Rachel Whiteman (Operations Manager)

“Since joining the team, Hayley has worked hard to get to know our region. She has made the effort come out and visit our biggest service in Coventry, along with some smaller ones. Hayley makes herself available to support with all referrals via Teams and is never too busy to offer guidance and advice. Hayley has so much knowledge and experience, which she is willing to share whenever it is needed. This is not only about commissioning, but this also includes much needed operational advice about potential service users. I have had the pleasure of having both personal and professional conversations with Hayley when they have been very much needed. She has provided me with support which exceeds her role.” – Loui Watson (Registered Manager)

Outstanding Specialist Support Worker Award Winner – Anthony Kipchumba

Our Outstanding Specialist Support Worker Award Winner, Anthony Kipchumba (Specialist Support Worker, Stoke) was presented with his Award at the Stoke Recognition Day on 17th November.

Why Anthony is our Winner:

“Anthony is an exceptional Specialist Support Worker – he has always been willing to facilitate and support others, which has made him approachable and inspiring. He has always been encouraging and supportive for his fellow colleagues, he’s an enthusiastic worker and innovator, always available to colleagues for questions and support and he has mentored many. Anthony has been a tireless in supporting our service users as the first line of support. He has the drive for excellence when it comes to service user support. Anthony is not only well respected, but well-liked throughout the service. He has provided the highest level of dedication, is fearless and not afraid ‘to jump in’ to help support others, both staff and service users when needed. He has been extremely hard working, has a positive attitude, is diligent, proactive, always pleasant and supportive. Antony has never let people down if someone has had a request for support or advice. He consistently goes above and beyond in providing support to service users and colleagues. He has personally supported his colleagues through some challenging times. He has true compassion.” – Vicky Holbrook (Area Manager)

“I feel Anthony has come so far in his time working for Eden Futures and that he has become a strong member of the team. He has supported new staff and made them feel welcome and supported them learning the routine. Anthony puts 110% into his work and has had some great outcomes with our services users. Anthony has been a big part in transitions and has passed on information from his observations during these times that have helped to create a support plan. He is very passionate about his job and is a great role model at Eden Futures.” – Kirsty Lewis (Team Manager)

Outstanding Support Worker Award Winner – Jonathan Morrison

Our Outstanding Support Worker Award Winner, Jonathan Morrison (Support Worker, Pudsey) was presented with his Award at the Pudsey Recognition Day on 17th November.

Why Jonathan is our Winner:

“Jonny embodies all the organisation’s values, in addition to having enthusiasm in bucket loads. Jonny has been instrumental in the development of the communal garden at the Pudsey service, engaging all who live there to have their own personal stamp on some part of the garden. There are already flower beds, shrubbed areas, vegetable patches, lovely furniture, a barbeque…….. and lots of other exciting things planned for the coming months. Jonny has rallied locally for various provisions/tools/plants etc for the garden to help realise the vision of the people living at Pudsey and create a beautiful space they can all be proud of and involved with. More recently, some of the vegetables planted have matured enabling people to enjoy the fruits of their labours. An application was made to the Autism Fund which was successful, and Jonny is with much enthusiasm and exuberance supporting a young person to create a sensory area of the garden which will provide a calm serene space for them and others to spend time relaxing.

Through launching the garden project, Jonny has created an environment for people who may not want to directly engage with 1:1 support, to become involved and indirectly build relationships with staff members and their neighbours, building confidence in what for some people is their first experience in supported living, living in their own flats and having neighbours to socialise with. For others who have been in hospital settings, it has provided motivation and a real sense of community and ‘good neighbourhood’ whilst giving them an interest.

The garden has pulled everyone together and provided a shared interest. In other areas, Jonny is a keen motivator and will try every ‘tool’ he has to encourage people on their journey towards independence whatever that may look like. He is caring and committed to his role and obviously just wants people to have the best life experience possible. He never gives up and will question management and professionals appropriately to enhance his own understanding and learning. People living at Pudsey enjoy being supported by Jonny and it is evident when speaking with them, as they all have positive things to say around his support.” – Sonya Shelton-Heath (Operations Manager)

Shining Star Award Winner – Laura Henderson

Our Shining Star Award Winner, Laura Henderson (Specialist Team Manager, Hull) was presented with her Award at the Hull Recognition Day on 21st November.

Our Shining Stars programme recognises outstanding employees or teams who have our values and show individual achievement, contribution, and performance beyond their day-to-day jobs. The monthly winner is selected by our Eden Executive Team and automatically entered into a shortlist for the yearly Shining Star Award. We had 9 Shining Stars Winners to choose from, all of whom have showed incredible dedication, support and our values.

Why Laura is our Winner:

“I would like to provide some positive feedback regarding the Eden Futures, Hemswell Bungalows service in Hull. Laura’s communication with all stakeholders attending reviews has been fantastic. She is able to articulate in fine detail all the positives of the patients care journey as well as the barriers. Linking in with professionals involved in the individuals care, employing all recommended clinically endorsed strategies via the PBS documents embodied into their care plans, to manage potential barriers or risk behaviours that may impede on their development. From observations on several unannounced visits, Laura’s leadership style to staff has appeared to be supportive, informative as well her being a role modelling one.

Allowing staff to develop within their Support Worker roles and building confidence in their own abilities. Laura has demonstrated she has good morals, ethic and values that she is transferring to the staff she supports and supervises, ensuring all individuals that are supported at the service are managed with care and support needs for their individual complex needs in a non-judgemental manner. This approach is cascaded to the staff team she leads, observed on contacts to the services as well as during MSTs. Laura’s leadership appears to have enabled staff to grow in confidence, enabled them to think on their feet as well as confidence, to employ strategies and approaches for the best fit of the individuals we support. Staff are appropriately following processes as well improved detail in the written individual care documents.

During conversations with staff, they understand the importance of the fine detail that is required to be written re incidents, day to day activities and personal cares. Understanding that the information will supports professionals (NHS, local authority, etc) who may review the documents to support the individuals, but also support recommendation by them. From discussions with the staff on shifts, they appear to be receiving regular team meetings and supervisions in their roles, making them feel supported. Subsequently this is impacting on the staff retention in the service on individuals I am involved with. Laura appears to have made significant strides with the service, individuals placed there have reported to feel happy and safe, staff reported to feel valued and heard as well as not fearful of approaching Laura for support.” – Annie Johnson (Clinical Case Manager at NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board)

Gary Stark ‘Making a Difference’ Award Winners – The Chesterfield Specialist Team

Our Gary Stark ‘Making a Difference’ Award Winners, the Chesterfield Specialist Team were presented with their Award at the Chesterfield Recognition Day on 21st November.

The Gary Stark ‘Making a Difference’ Award is in special memory of our Expert Partner, Gary, who sadly passed away in December 2022.

Gary was a volunteer Director with Inclusion North and was involved in Care & Treatment Reviews since 2016. He was also involved in advocacy for over 12 years, promoting the voice and rights of people with a learning disability in the area.

To name just a few of his many accomplishments, Gary set up a local support group, serving on people’s panels for local ICB’s to select new services, and was a co-chair of the partnership board; organising agendas and reviewing services.

Gary played an important role as an Expert Partner, using what we learn – the successes and when things don’t turn out as we expected – to shape our services. Gary leaves a very real legacy, which have made a positive difference to the way we do things at Eden Futures and will continue to for a very long time to come. Gary was instrumental in the development of the Eden Futures Getting to Know Forms.

When asked what he enjoyed about being an Expert Partner, Gary said, “Meeting new people, especially the managers and getting to know them. Getting my voice out there about what’s working and what could be better. I feel like I’m being listened to. I feel like I make things better for people because I help to get the right staff in services.”

For those of us who knew Gary and were lucky to have worked alongside him, we will remember him with great affection. We are proud and delighted to honour his great work through our Making a Difference Award.

Why the Chesterfield Specialist Team are our Winners:

“The team have made an amazing difference to the life of an individual we support, through person-centred support, remarkable resilience, and teamwork. When this person first came to the service, it was an extraordinary challenging transition. They were very unsettled, and their distress and anxiety had an impact on their family too. We had difficulties with staffing so Tim (Specialist Team Manager) and Area Managers from all areas, including our Group Operations Director, Clare, had to rally around. Fast forward nearly 2 years now and this person’s life is substantially different; their independence skills have increased, making their own drinks, being able to dress themselves, and run a bath.

This person is more assertive and has the confidence to express their wishes. The progress has also been recognised by the Local Authority. When their support package was reviewed recently, the panel asked if they could keep a copy of the PBS as an example of good practice. The commissioner also said, “I have also been asked by the panel to thank you for your ongoing support of this person. It is recognised that Eden Futures have routinely gone above and beyond to support them to remain in their home. It has been really lovely to hear the progress that they have made since they have lived at Catherine Street, particularly in recognition of the challenges along the way.”” – Liam Smith (Area Manager)

Outstanding Team Award Winners – The Quarry Bank, Clowne Team

Our Outstanding Team Award Winners, the Quarry Bank, Clowne Team were presented with their Award at the Clowne Recognition Day on 24th November.

Why the Quarry Bank Team are our Winners:

The team were chosen as our winners for the positive feedback we’ve received from the people we support:

  • This team is made up of outstanding people who pull together through some of the most challenging of days. When things don’t go to plan, get really challenging, or we need someone to come in on their day off, this team goes above and beyond. They do not let the smile disappear off their faces when supporting service users even though they will be having the worst of days.
  • They work really well as a team, they`re extremely supportive and welcoming. Every team member has a positive mindset and always have the service users’ best interests as priority. When I first transferred to Quarry Bank, everyone made me feel welcome and at ease. As a team I feel everyone is approachable with any problems and they are really good at problem solving and supporting the service users to reach their goals. Quarry Bank management are really supportive and approachable, I feel they go above and beyond for their staff.
  • I want to nominate everyone for making me my tea and going shopping with me, making me my meals and taking me out on activities.

“I have only worked here for a short time, but I have been welcomed and supported every step of the way. No matter who I go to, nothing is too much trouble to help me. As a result of working with this wonderful group of people, I have enjoyed my start here immensely and would recommend working here to anyone.” – Julie McNair (Support Worker)

Congratulations to our Winners, we’re proud of you all!