Support for you this Christmas

As the festive season starts, it brings with it different emotions and experiences. Christmas is often seen as a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. While this is true for many, it’s equally important to remember that for some, this season can be challenging for a lot of reasons.

Understanding and compassion can go a long way in making everyone feel included and supported. If you’re struggling, there is no shame in seeking help. Talking about your feelings can be powerful in helping you through these times. You can always talk to your line/team manager, any manager in our company or someone in our HR team. If you prefer more external support, we have included some guides, helplines and websites that we hope you find useful in our latest issue of Eden Together, our monthly health and wellbeing magazine. We’ve also added new Wellbeing Resources to our website, including a self-care toolkit.

Your experiences, your emotions, and your wellbeing are at the heart of our Eden Together Christmas edition. To read our latest magazine or to see our latest guides and support, visit:

Eden Together is for everyone so please share this with your colleagues, teams and people we support.