Why Eden Futures is a great place to work

Why Eden Futures is a great place to work

Eden Futures is celebrating International Week of Happiness at Work!

We took a moment to chat with our very own Eden Influencers about what brings joy to their workdays and why they believe Eden Futures is a great place to work.

“There is a great sense of community and family within the team. We all support each other through all the challenges that we are faced with. We have fantastic people that we support to be independent and further their skills, which is extremely rewarding.” – Naomi

“Eden Futures is a company that delivers on its values. It follows through on the support it promises, ensuring that each individual can reach their own full potential. You have a true sense of belonging.” – Scott

Our Eden Influencer Programme is more than just a title. Our Eden Influencers are a cross-section of our staff: Support Workers, managers, support functions and Expert Partners who help us to shape our People Strategy. Together, we have a shared voice and the opportunity to influence our staff engagement, wellbeing, recruitment, retention, learning and development…. And more. Our Eden Influencers live our values and bring with them their own experiences about how we do things at Eden Futures; they listen and gather the feedback of our staff and the people we support to influence positive change.

“I’m an Eden Influencer to help make a difference, whether it is to staff, the people we support or their loved ones.” – Thomas

“I truly believe in the values embedded in Eden Futures and feel there is a great work culture here. I also love that everyone here also lives the values, which shows what an amazing overall team we have in this company!” – Misty

Curious about what makes Eden Futures so great? Dive in to hear from our Influencers themselves. And if their stories resonate with you, perhaps you’d like to join our journey and be a part of our story.

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